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About Me

I've been interested in computers since middle school when I started playing video games and thought it was amazing what you could do with a computer. Freshman year of high school, I started a programming club as a place where students could collaborate and learn about programming. In college, I started a video game development club to help other students help each other learn the in's and out's of video game development. The club grew up to over 50 members.

In my free time, I like to play around with programming projects trying to learn new skills. I also enjoy playing sports with my friends. If I'm feeling especially active that day, I might enjoy going outside on a hike. A couple summers ago I spent a lot of time with my mom driving from Massachusetts to California and back. She even made a short blog about it!

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My Programming Projects

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There are a few web projects that I've created in my free time to work on my web development skills

  1. This site! This site was created as a landing page to introduce myself to anyone who wants to get to know me. This site was written from scratch using NextJS and React. The SASS is all custom.
  2. Recipe Book. I created the recipe book as a small way to honor my late mother. She saved a binder of recipes that my family loved. The web app is a full stack web application written in pure HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The app allows for saving favorite recipes, creating new recipes, and editing existing recipes.
  3. Web Games. These are some simple web games that I created to practice my code and show some games to my friends. This site was is a NextJS app with custom SASS.